Push Universal Training Studio was founded on August 1, 2016 by Troy Hayward and Justin Taylor. Our vision is to become a staple in the community for health and fitness. We are able to provide our potential clients with a wide variety of training styles. The studio staffs up to 15 independent personal trainers and fitness instructors at a time.

Our Roles: Troy-Director of operations, Justin-Public Relations and Marketing

Push Universal Training Studio offers a family-oriented environment where both the trainer and client can establish a excellent working relationship. Push Universal trainers create personalized exercise and meal programs for their clients to follow in order to effectively reach their goals. The PushU staff encourages their clients to engage in healthy lifestyles both inside and outside of the gym.

Push Universal Training Studio is the perfect match for anyone seeking to increase their strength, muscle toning, lose weight, increase endurance, compete in body building competitions, or just live an overall healthier lifestyle. PushU training offers the following to our clients and staff.

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With our training sessions, not only can you get a great workout, but you can gain the PushUTraining experience.  If you are a trainer or fitness instructor, we have a 6,100 square foot facility with free weights, cardio equipment, plus indoor and outdoor workout space.  View our SERVICES HERE



Free Weight Equipment

Machine Equipment

Resistance Bands


Stability Balls, Bosu Balls, Slam Balls

Battle ropes, Tire, Sled

Lounge Area

Kids Room (3+ yrs old)

Free Parking

Free Wifi

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Let’s get started with your personal training career! We offer the lowest prices for personal trainers in all of Philadelphia. There is no better place to build your training knowledge. Our personal trainers have the freedom of having their own personal programs and schedules. Contact us today to learn more about how to become a personal trainer at Push Universal Training.


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Push Universal Training Studio has numerous trainers who specialize in various aspects of health and fitness.  From yoga to body building, we have just the right trainer for your needs.

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Who’s ready to work towards a healthier lifestyle and get into shape? All you gotta do is show up and let us do the rest. Trust the process, it doesn’t happen overnight. We have a wide variety of trainers and can guarantee a right fit just for you!



With our free consultation, you will see what you can become. Our friendly team looks forward to meeting you. From beginners to elite athletes, we are here to educate you! During the free consultation we will establish a rapport, assess your fitness level, organize your needs and goals, create a personalized program and offer a custom meal planning system.