5 Ideas for New Year’s Fitness Goals That Will Actually Make You Healthier in 2020

Another year has rolled around (actually a decade this time) and it’s time for the annual resolution setting frenzy. But you might be feeling the leftover pressure from not getting the results you wanted from last year’s goals. Or possibly even the year before that. While you probably have the best intentions for your life, your execution is off. Society has taught us to get really excited about setting the initial goal but rarely gives advice on the follow-through. But this time will be different for you because we’ve laid out some actually methods that will lead you to the progress you’re dreaming of. Check out this list of 5 ideas for New Year’s fitness goals that will actually make you healthier in 2020.

1. Focus on Making Better Decisions

One of the most common scenarios after setting a new year’s fitness resolution is signing up for a gym membership, buying some new workout clothes and eating mostly salads throughout January. These things are fine but they aren’t a plan. And honestly, most people get pretty overwhelmed with large plans and goals that lead to long roads ahead of them. So instead of tackling a giant, focus on making better decisions in the beginning. Didn’t pack lunch and fast food restaurants are tempting you? Go for the healthier options on the menu (think grilled vs fried and dump the fountain drink for bottled water). Getting yourself out of the loop of your regular daily decision making will start a chain reaction of new behaviors that add to progress over time. Take some time to identify and write down the choices you make that send you in the opposite direction of your health goals. Then become a little more conscious every day of interrupting those automatic go-to decisions and replace them with something even slightly better.

2. Find a Tribe

Going at your new year’s fitness goals alone will get you there. But going with others will probably speed up the process. Most people find a sense of motivation and an extra boost of drive when they have accountability. This isn’t just about finding anybody though. It’s about finding the right people that will not only push you towards your goals but celebrate with you along the way. Finding a tribe is simple too. The first place to check is within your family and friends to see. The next and probably more promising, place to look is your local gym. There are already people there working on better themselves and possibly looking for someone to partner with too. Make it your business to link up with people that genuinely want to work towards goals with you and are serious about their own (no time for distractions!). Consider hiring a trainer to start off your tribe and asking them about connecting you with others.

3. Drop Diets, Learn Your Body

Social media has opened us up to a new lane of fitness shortcuts and fad diets. There’s no shame in trying a diet out to see if it works for you. But there comes a time when you have to stop relying on health advice that comes in a template and start learning yourself. Think about this- if you’re a woman that’s 5’6 and weighs 140lbs, the way you eat and what you need for your physique will probably be different than a 6ft man that weighs 200lbs. Cookie cutter diets aren’t really designed to consider this. So it’s up to you to learn the specifics about how many calories your body needs and the best foods to get them from. Learning what makes your body tick should definitely be on the New Year’s fitness goals list. Start off by tracking what you put in your body using tools like MyFitnessPal and a good ol’ food scale. Keep a daily mealtime journal and pay close attention to how your body responds to different foods. This might feel robotic in the beginning but it’ll become more automatic and pay off big time in the long run.

4. Join a Gym with Good Culture

Nobody’s knocking the large local chain gym. But we will say that they won’t have the same feeling of a smaller more intimate gym run by people that value your health as much as you do. A lot of people quit the gym (or never even sign up) because they don’t feel comfortable in the environment. The solution to this is finding a gym with a good culture. We’re talking about the ones that feel like one giant family- yes they exist! Do some window shopping before you settle on a gym home. Look for a place that makes you actually want to get out of your bed to workout and still feel at home.

5. Instead of Motivation- Get a “Why”

Motivation is fickle. Sometimes it’s there but not always when you need it. And, honestly, this can be the downfall to reaching your New Year’s fitness resolutions. Instead of focusing on finding motivation when it’s ghosting you, establish a “why” as your drive. Your “why” is going to be the reason for starting in the first place. It should be strong enough to get you going when you’re feeling like giving up. Some people’s “whys” are being able to be more active for their children or battling a diagnosis to save their lives. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s important enough for you.

Get on Track with These New Year’s Fitness Goals

Setting up New Year’s fitness goals isn’t just about going along with the “new year, new me” trend. It’s about figuring out what you’d like to achieve by the end of the year and being honest with yourself on how to make it happen. Be realistic but don’t sell yourself short. A lot can be accomplished in a year so focus on action steps that’ll make a difference. If you’re ready to usher in an improved version of yourself or get back on track with expert help, contact us today to join the PushU family.